Practical Theology with Alex Turcios

What does it mean to glorify God in everything we do?  We hear that phrase all the time.  But how can we glorify God when we are playing sports?  Or in class?  Or passing through the crowded hallways at school?  There isn’t necessarily a need to be speaking the name “JESUS” 24/7 in order to glorify God.  But there are simple ways of glorifying Him that we can practice throughout the day.  Glorifying God includes living the life that Christ calls us to, and also imitating his life.  Say you are in sporting event; you can glorify God by simply not screaming profanities every time you miss a shot, miss a goal, strike out, or miss a serve.  Say you are in class; you can glorify God by simply not cheating on a test or homework.  Say you are walking down the hall; you can ask your friend how he/she is doing- maybe they need someone to talk to.  Glorifying God at school or during sports or when hanging out with friends doesn’t have to be accomplished by talking about Jesus directly.  Instead, try to evangelize by simply acting like Jesus.  St. Francis said these words of EXTREME wisdom, take a moment to REALLY think about it: “Preach the Gospel at all times; when necessary, use words”. –St. Francis of Assisi



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