Preparing for this Sunday

So, I was planning music for the “old people” Masses which means I read the scriptures so I thought I’d share them.  Here is my take on what’s coming up.

The first reading is Isaiah who proclaims that on this mountain the Lord of Hosts will provide for all peoples a feast and it goes on like that rather joyously.  The Response is the 23rd psalm with a refrain of I shall live in the house of the Lord, all the days of my life.  St. Paul states that he can “do all things in him who strengthen me” and that God will fully supply our needs.  That’s right!  The gospel is a little harder to fit into this general theme of God providing for us in every way.  It is “the kingdom of heaven is like” parable of the man who gave the wedding feast but the invited guests refuse to come.  In fact, they beat up his messengers.  Pretty rude.  Finally he goes into the street and invites all he finds but then throws out one who is not dressed properly.  That always confuses me but them I’m not into fashion.  Jesus says many are invited but few are chosen.  Perhaps the way this fits in with the other readings is that God indeed does provide for all our needs but we must respond in order to receive His providence, so there’s the challenge.   All the feasts can be provided but we must choose to eat.  Come to Mass and eat.


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