Once again, Steve Jobs understands it all before I do….

If any of you have seen me in the last month or so, you might have gathered one thing about me in that time; I have no clue how to use my new smart phone.  I seriously can’t stand it; all the beeping, apps, new ways for the outside world to bother me.  In vain I have tried it understand it all but I still feel like giving up and getting the “jitterbug” cell phone service meant for 80 year olds whose eyesight is completely shot.  (I can hear the jingle in my head right now… “JITTERBUG!”)  Bring on the giant cell phone with the huge buttons.

Every time Steve Jobs came out with a new fancy-shmancy machine, a part of me cringed; MAN, yet ANOTHER thing I’m going to fumble my way through learning.  Dude, this guy was a serious genius and probably knew more about technology than I could hope to gather in 10 lifetimes.

As impressed as I always am by Steve Jobs and his techno-genius companions, I always thought, “As much as we know, God knows INFINITELY MORE.  As much as we can discover about technology, there will always be an INFINITE amount more to learn about life, truth, love and God.”  And it is really only in Heaven that we will finally get a taste of this infinite amount of knowledge.

As so many of you, I was SHOCKED when I heard about Steve Jobs passing, even though we knew he was so sick.  After getting over my shock and sadness and saying a prayer, I pretty much started laughing to myself and the Lord.

Once more, Steve Jobs gets it before I do.  I don’t pretend to know the eternal destination of his soul, but I hope, pray and believe in the Mercy of God.  No matter where he will end up, Steve Jobs has entered eternity.  He has seen God.  He knows, ONCE AGAIN, so much more than me about the truth of this life, who God is and what we are created for.  YOU GUYS, HE KNOWS ALL THE TRUTHS OF THIS WORLD!!!!

DARN YOU STEVE JOBS!!!  YOUR KNOWLEDGE WILL ALWAYS SURPASS MINE!  Now I just need to wait until I die and then we will have a little match off in Heaven.  Until then… I’ll be staring at my phone’s computer screen and wondering what button to push to make it shut up.


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