Countdown… Advent and The New Roman Missal

Brothers and sisters!

We’ve spent a few weeks talking about change and the highly anticipated change in translation of our Mass liturgy.

As a linguist, I couldn’t be more excited… Mass and discussion of language?!!

Father Robert Barron shares a bit of history behind the English translation and gives some examples of how beautifully rich (and more accurate) the new prayers will be.

How enriching it will be to share in the Sacrifice of the Mass using language that expresses the Majesty of Our King!

What this means for each and every member of the Body of Christ (that’s you) is that our celebration of Heaven on Earth is going to be expressed in words that will enliven our souls and open our hearts more deeply!

There’s no reason that as English speakers we should lose out on the accuracy of His Word.

So be excited, my friends, and approach this change as an opportunity to liven your Mass prayer and truly be present to the Miracle, Agnus Dei!


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