Our Lady of Guadalupe

How blessed we are to have a Mother that wants nothing more than to carry us to Christ!

When I think of Our Blessed Mother, I associate the beautiful nature of my earthly mother. I feel the comfort of never-ending nurturing and the self-less giving that only a mother can fully express. I take the image literally, Mama Mary holds us in her loving arms to secure our way to her Son.

The Great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy loves us so much that she comes back to earth to direct us to Him. She’s there in small towns in far-off places, and she’s there to call upon the meek and mild.

No one understands better the idea of God using the humble than the Virgin Mary. Our Almighty Father created Mary to be the Mother of Our Savior, and He filled her with grace. Young Mary, in all her humility became the greatest vessel of the Holy Spirit. Little as the world may have seen her, she brought Redemption, namely Christ Jesus, into the world!

Our Blessed Mother continues to lead our world to the Saving Life, through her intercession and more directly, through her aparitions. Today we celebrate a visitation that converted the hearts of millions and to this day inspires believers to pilgrimage miles and miles to the holy site.

Our Blessed Mother, taking the form of Our Lady of Guadalupe, appeared to a meek (Saint) Juan Diego and entrusted to Him the task of building a church. Our Wise Mother didn’t go to the bishop or priest, she went to the humble Juanito of Tenochtitlan. Like a hopeful mother, Our Lady knew the obedient heart of her son. And she wanted nothing more than to see Juan Diego fulfill God’s Will by bringing Christ to the people of his region.

Brothers and sisters, take some time to call upon the nurturing heart of Mother Mary. Thank Our Father for giving us a beautiful mother to share with us the gifts the of Holy Spirit. Our Dear Mother carried Jesus, infinite Goodness, so allow her to carry you to her Son, our way and our life!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!


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