It’s amazing isn’t it?

I’m speaking about the grace of God. I’m talking about that passionate love of God that you can never run from. No matter how serious you mess up in school or with your friends and family it always catches you. Grace penetrates everything in our lives. But what is this grace? What do we mean by “grace”? Grace is God’s favor and friendship. There is no need to complicate the Christian life. Our faith is about the person of Christ. It is about becoming a close friend of Christ.

When we say ‘yes’ to Christ we are saying yes to all of our dreams and desires. Listen to what John Paul II said to us young people:

Do not be afraid of Christ! I repeat this today to you and to all young people! He does not take away your identity; he does not dishonor, debase, or affront your reason; he does not oppress your freedom! He is the Son of God, who was incarnated, who died, and rose again for us and for our salvation… He, God, truly chose to become one of us, our Savior, our Redeemer, our Friend.

What is school other than the effort to train our minds to learn the knowledge of this world that GOD has created? What is family other than the ultimate expression of GOD’s love for us and the intimate relationship between the Trinitarian family (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)? Who are friends other than persons created in the image of GOD to be loved? What is a relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend other than the echo of our search for the ultimate pleasure of GOD’s love? If God is properly ordered in our lives as the end to which all other things are pointing to, then we have found the way to live this life! Live this life. Live it up! Live for others. Give yourself away. Live your life as a service to others. Be different! Be humble when everyone around you is boastful. Be silent when everybody is screaming about nonsense. Be YOU while other people are masked as someone they aren’t. We are sinners and we are forgiven in Christ. Give your time away to serve others. Give your life away (we will eventually lose it anyways). Now is the time. Now. Jesus showed us this on the cross: in losing your life you will find it! Follow him all the way to the cross. This is how you are supposed to live your life. Do it with confidence and do it with joy! Do it and watch what happens after you die!

-Chris Plance


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