Hit pause and be in Awe

Hit Pause and be in Awe?

I took this picture in front of my house on January 2nd 2012.  I was sitting at home watching the Rose Bowl when suddenly this orange glow started to pour through my window.  I looked out the window and saw this amazing sunset.  So I paused the game (love DVR!) grabbed my camera and raced outside in the hopes that my camera would be able to capture this remarkable sight.  I snapped a few pictures and sat for awhile in awe of this incredible sight.   If I had not experienced this sunset I might have looked at this photo and thought it that was a pretty cool computer generated image.  But the thing is I did experience it so I know it was real in the same way I experience God and know that he is FOR REAL!

You see we can hear about God and how awesome and great He is, but we will never really know God unless we experience God.  The thing is God may come to us when we least expect it much like this amazing sunset came to me when I least expected it, in the middle of watching the Rose Bowl game.  The question is when God presents us with an opportunity to have an experience with Him will we be willing to pause our life and spend time in awe of Him?

God is for real and he wants nothing more than to spend time with you.  YES YOU!  He does not want you to just know about Him or hear about Him from your friends, your parents, your confirmation teacher, the priest,  the core team, John or me.  He wants quality time with you.  So look for opportunities this year where God might be trying to spend time with you and hit pause, you may just discover that this God that you have been hearing about is pretty awesome.


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