“Come and You Will See,” You’re My Beloved

Think of all the love that exists in the world. Depending on your perspective, this could either be an overwhelming amount or hardly any at all. Now think of the people in your life you love the most. Now think about the most love you have ever felt. God still loves you more. He loves you more than all the love you have ever known, more than all the love you can ever imagine. In today’s gospel (John 1:35-42) Jesus says to his disciples to, “Come, and you will see.” Two thousand years later he still invites us to come and see. Jesus is seeking an intimate relationship with us, his beloved. After all, don’t some people look for relationships to feel loved? Whether this is by making a lot of friends or going from one boyfriend or girlfriend to another—we ultimately want love and intimacy. A lot of time our pop culture tells us that intimacy is gained through physical contact when actually intimacy is gained through conversation; when one person reveals a part of him or herself to another, and the two then have a better understanding of who the other is. This is the true meaning of “being” with someone. God is with us, but will we BE with him? Will we let him know us? That’s our choice. The way we gain intimacy with God is similar to how we gain it with each other; only this type of conversation is called prayer. Prayer does not always have to be formal, but it deserves all your attention. Just as you would have lunch with a friend and talk with them, you should set aside time dedicated just to talk with God. We also gain an intimate relationship with God through the sacraments, where grace overpowers sin, which blocks our relationship with God. Each Sunday at Mass we are invited to the wedding feast where we, the beloved, become one with our God when we receive him in the Eucharist.

Last week at life night a song played as we wrote “beloved” on the back of the cards with our problems. I’d like to share this song with you since it seemed to just blend in with the hum of everything going on. I first discovered “Beloved” by Tenth Avenue North in the nine-hour car ride with Alex and Diana to our core conference in Arizona, and it has become one of my favorite songs. This song describes our relationship with Christ as one between a bride and a groom, for we as the church are the bride of Christ. Though I do need to make a shout out to all the guys: despite the fact that the beloved is described as a bride, this does not exclude the men of God out there, you too make up the bride of Christ because you are equally a recipient of Christ’s love, his sacrifice on the cross. That is simply what beloved refers to, a recipient of love.

If you need help praying about your relationship with God, pray for the intercession of St. John of the Cross, a brother in medieval times who spent his life seeking God while alone in a castle prison. That being said, I hope you all feel God’s love through this beautiful song. You are unique. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are the beloved. “Come and you will see.”

Love Through His Sacred Heart,

Megan Becker


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