Meet my friend, Father Rich…

Have you ever wondered why I LOVE priests?  No, seriously I think that they must have the most amazing lives ever.  In the words of St. John Vianney, “Oh priest of Jesus Christ!  If we realized who we are, we would die!”

They don’t sit around it the church all day and lead boring lives.  They aren’t all 80 years old and have no interests outside of religion.  They aren’t simple guys who just decided to this, just “because.”  Quite the opposite.

I would like you to meet a good friend of mine who is the youngest priest in the United States.  His name is Father Rich and he is only 26.  A New Yorker to the CORE.  He is so buff because he wanted to be a personal trainer before he was called to the priesthood.  (No seriously, his guns are CRAZY.)  He has a dog that was named Druyfus, but renamed “Titus” after the disciple of Jesus.  He was in a band (playing drums) that actually opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  (See below video.)  He is hilarious and loud.  He is generous and crazy.  He loves the saints (especially St. Therese) and is MADLY in love with our Lord and Lady.

He could have done anything with his life.  He could have married the Catholic girl of his dreams, had a great career and served his God well.  But he chose to lay down his life.  He chose to love God with EVERYTHING he has.  As he constantly told me when we were hanging out right before his ordination to the priesthood, “Dude, I’m ALL IN.  Like EVERYTHING.  It’s gotta be ALL OF ME.”

Thank you Fr. Rich for saying yes.  And please continue to ROCK.


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