Since we didn’t get to watch this at Lifenight on Sunday, I wanted to put it up because, even though it is comedic, it has a lot of truth within it too. The word “Love” has lost so much of its meaning because of how loosely it is thrown around throughout society today. It reminds me of Aesop’s fable about the boy who cried wolf. The first few times he warned people that there was a wolf coming after the sheep, the people thought there really was one, but the boy was just playing a practical joke. When there was actually a wolf and the boy told the others, they did not believe him and so the sheep were scattered.

If we use the word “Love” so much like the boy crying wolf the first few times, the word “Love” has lost so much of its meaning for the times we truly and deeply want to use it. Stop and think about the word “Love” the next time you use it. Look to Jesus as the perfect example of love. Yes, saying you love someone is awesome when you mean it, but above that, SHOW love to everyone you come in contact with, not to gain favor with God or others because of your actions, but to spread what the Lord has given to us: HIS LOVE!


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