Happy Lent!

Welcome to Lent everyone! I know a lot of people during this time wonder what they are going to give up or what they are going to do during this season. A friend shared with me the following which I want to in turn share with you, a perspective to see Lent as a “A Season of Fasting and Feasting” from Fr. John McCrann.

This holy season let us think about our call to:

Fast from judging others, feast on the Christ dwelling in them

Fast from emphasis on differences, feast on our oneness

Fast from darkness around us, feast on the light of Christ

Fast from thoughts of illness, feast on the healing power of God

Fast from words that pollute, feast on words that purify

Fast from discontent, feast on gratitude

Fast from withholding anger, feast on sharing feelings

Fast from pessimism, feast on optimism

Fast from worry, feast on trust

Fast from guilt, feast on freedom

Fast from complaining, feast on appreciation

Fast from stress, feast on self-care

Fast from hostility, feast on letting go

Fast from bitterness, feast on forgiveness

Fast from selfishness, feast on compassion for others

Fast from discouragement, feast on hope

Fast from apathy, feast on enthusiasm

Fast from suspicion, feast on seeing the good

Fast from idle gossip, feast on spreading the good news

Fast from being so busy, feast on quiet silence

Fast from problems that overwhelm, feast on prayerful trust

Fast from talking, feast on listening

Fast from trying to be in control, feast on letting go

Remember during this Lenten season that you shouldn’t just give something up or do something because your friend is or because someone tells you to. It shouldn’t be something to show off. It should be something you decide to give up or something you decide to do as a prayer to God, a sacrifice and reminder of Jesus’ great sacrifices for us. Lent is a great time for reflection on the cross and reflection on our own life. Happy Lent! 🙂


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