When Everything Falls Apart

Recently, I found myself faced with the biggest and most difficult struggle of my life.  Feeling drained emotionally, physically, and most of all spiritually, I stumbled upon this song that I had not heard in some time. It helped me regain balance and look at my struggle with a new perspective.  Although everything had fallen apart, Jesus was going to put everything back together.

The first verse and chorus of this song are my favorite:
“You said you’d never leave or forsake me
When you said this life is going to shake me
You said this world is going to bring trouble on my soul
When everything falls apart
Your arms hold me TOGETHER
When everything falls apart
You’re the only HOPE for this heart
And my strength is gone
I find you mighty and strong”
The lyrics point to a HUGE reality that we don’t always recognize:  Jesus dying on the cross was not God’s way of saying “life is going to be easy from now on!” Instead the cross challenges us.  If anything, the cross means our life will be more difficult.  We will face persecution for our faith, we will encounter those who hate the God we love, and we will face those who do not know love.  But the cross did promise us salvation with the Father and also strength from the grace poured out on the world through His suffering on the cross.  The song says “you said this world is going to bring trouble on my soul”; it’s true!! Jesus did not promise us that we would go through this life with ease, but that we will go through this life with Him at our side.  And with Jesus at our side, what do we have to fear? This world brings us troubles and tribulations and sometimes even brokenness, but Jesus puts us back together.  He is the strength when we don’t have any strength left.  Hope in Jesus.  He has conquered the world.  Trust in Him.  DEPEND on Him.  When everything falls apart, He is mighty and strong.
John 16:33
In this world you will have trouble but take courage, I have conquered the world”.
 – Alex

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