RIP Little Red

Most people can recognize my little red 1990 Honda Civic from miles away. But praise God for providing, I bought a new car this weekend! I purchased the car at night, and went to pick it up in the morning. I was lying in bed and could NOT wait to go pick my car up!! But before picking it up, I was taking my grandma (who has fallen away from the church) to mass at 8am. This was my meditation as I struggled to sleep from all my excitement: “God, am I more excited to drive my new car, or to receive your SON in the Eucharist tomorrow?”. WOOOOOOOOW. God put that on my heart to reevaluate my desire. What was amazing about that reflection was that I had to recognize my sin and admit: I was truly more excited to pick up my car than to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. This HAD to change. My prayer became “God, help me to not be concerned with material possessions, but instead help me to desire YOU about all else”. God answered that prayer. As I sat in mass, I kept praying that my grandma would reconcile with God and the Church in order for her to spend eternity in Heaven with the Father. The first moment I drove my car was a temporary excitement. But we are promised ETERNAL ecstasy with God in Heaven.

I drove back up to Santa Barbara and made it to mass as consecration was going on. The Lord then spoke to my heart: “Alex, I love you so much more than your failure to love Me”. At the moment my heart rejoiced; God loves us through this moments where we fail love him. The second commandment says “thou shall not worship false idols”. One interpretation to this is “you shall not love any physical thing more than God”. As much as I am currently excited with my new car, my soul is more excited with being able to be in communion with our Lord- JESUS CHRIST. It’s human and natural to get excited when getting new stuff like cars, clothes, phones, shoes, video games, ect. But it is even more human to rejoice over the physical presence of Jesus on Earth through the simple elements of bread and wine.

– Alex


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