Mom, Mother, Mudder, Mama, Female Parental Unit, Momma, Mammy

Where would you be without your Mom (or any of the names listed above)?  Well, first off, not even in this world.  Your Mom chose to give you life.  She chose to love you the very best way she knew how.  Through the tears, screams, tantrums, sobbing, loneliness, depression and discipline our Moms are there.

As I grow older, I realize how smart my Mom has become.  In my teens, my Mom didn’t know anything about life.  She certainly couldn’t relate to my life.  And now, I realize all the ways my Mom molded me and formed me and touched my life so I could have a better life than she did.  That was her wish, that I have a better life than she did.  What Mom doesn’t want that for her child?

When I became a Mom it was the greatest gift God has ever bestowed on me.  I couldn’t believe that my heart could love that much.  And my love for her continues to grow each and every day.  She is God’s blessing on me.

And then I think of the Virgin Mary and her being the mother of God.  Whoa – can you imagine?  I wonder if Jesus acted up as a baby and cried and threw temper tantrums.  He was human you know.  I wonder how Mary handled it.  Probably like my Mom, she would pick me up and just cuddle and hold me until I stopped.  Mary had the advantage of knowing how her son would turn out while other mothers worry and pray.  But to know her son would suffer and be crucified to save us, what a burden she must have carried all of her life.  How much she must have loved Him, for she taught Him about unconditional love and family and acceptance and every grace that God has given to us came because Mary taught it to Jesus.

My Mom is now in heaven and there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of her.  When I have a great day I want to call her and share it with her.  When I have a lousy day I wish I could feel her arms around me, comforting me.

What gives me comfort is that I know that my Mom and Mary are friends and they both love me and care about me.  I ask that today you let your Mom know how much you love her.

And then wish our heavenly mother, Mary, a Happy Mothers Day!

God bless you always,


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