Don’t Forget the Little Ones

So…as many of you know, I am a grandmother for the first time.  Happy First Grandmother’s Day to me this past weekend.  Baby Ricardo hasn’t arrived yet but I’ve seen him!!  He looks like his dad, is left handed and can suck his thumb.  He’s got cute little fat cheeks.  He seems good natured, smiles a lot.  How do I know?  We have watched him on 3D ultrasound, wiggling around inside his mother’s womb!  Can you believe it?  It’s wonderful and amazing.  I’m posting his photo so you can see too.  Look closely.  It’s fuzzy but you can see his little face.  Isn’t it amazing that we can see into the womb and know our children before we hold them?  He is about 16” long now and due to emerge into the world sometime in mid-July.  I’ve been crocheting like crazy in preparation.  As our family waits with joy and excitement for his birth, I cannot help but be reminded of all the children we have lost through the horror of abortion, each and every one of them just like little Ricardo.  They were not allowed to smile and suck their thumbs or be left handed.  It breaks my heart and makes me cry.  Please, please be a voice for life and a support to frightened mothers that they might find the courage to give their babies life.  Never forget that their little ones are no different from our little Ricardo.

– Dorothy


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