Ignio: Igniting the Faith with Technology

Technology is everywhere!! When was the last time you picked up your phone for a text/call? Logged into Facebook to check your news feed? Uploaded a new photo to Instagram? Chances are you’ve already done at least one of these today! So why not add one more simple thing to your day and take a few minutes to use your technology to grow in your knowledge of faith?

For those of you with iPhones, iPads, and iPods, Ignio is an awesome app that you can use to receive daily encouragement and reminders of your faith.  Ignio, its name meaning to “to ignite” is meant to encourage Catholics to spread the light of God’s word and participate in community.

With Ignio you can…
-wake up to encouraging words, scriptures
-read and comment on a daily scripture verse
-read and comment on the daily readings
-have a friend with Ignio light your candle which you can change from a candle with the Ignio logo to a candle with the photo of Jesus and other spiritual photos
– use a prayer wall on which you can add your prayers and let others pray for your intentions
-check-in at church
-add 11 friends, creating a community of 12 friends, just like Jesus’ 12 apostles

The end of the year is crazy and it’s difficult at times to sit down and focus a large amount of time to prayer and Bible reading. But I can guarantee that with Ignio you will be able to spend at least a few minutes of the day devoted to our Lord and learn more about the messages in the Bible. Plus it’s fun being able to share your comments and prayers with your friends.

So for those of you seeking a bit of Catholic nourishment and or just want an easy way to access daily scripture, I hope you take a minute and download Ignio!

Your Sister in Christ,

PS: Here’s a link if you’d like to learn more and download Ignio!


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