This Mother’s Day Sunday, I experienced my second panic attack of my life.  I took my car to a carwash and was sitting in my car with my dad as we went through the wash.  All of a sudden, I couldn’t see out any of my windows because of the soap and my car was being moved by the machine through the wash.   I felt like I couldn’t breathe, I started hyperventilating and wanted nothing but to be out of the car wash.  I was completely out of control of my movement and there was no way of getting out of my car.

            As I reflect back on this, I can see a spiritual parallel.  At the moment, I couldn’t think about anything spiritual; I just wanted to simply get out of my car. Sometimes in our faith life, we can’t see out the windows, God is in control of your movement, and you just need to have to faith that He is leading you to a safe and prosperous place.  In our spiritual life, we can choose to panic or have faith.  Believe me, having faith is a lot better than panicking.  During the car wash I knew nothing bad would happen.  I knew I would safely end up out of the carwash with a clean car.  But not being in control was a scary thing for me.  Same thing goes with faith: we know we will end up in a safe place because God is control, but not being in control is not the most comfortable feeling.  But knowing that God is in control SHOULD BE a comfortable feeling.  Whenever we are faced with uncertain situations, we truly learn what faith means by trusting that God is in control.  We often profess that we are “faithful” people, and if that is so, then we are also a “trusting” people.  Trust in His plan.  Trust in His ways.  Trust in His love.
 – Alex

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