Blessed Indeed

So we got back from our St. Raphael’s Youth Ministry Appreciation Dinner.  It’s a dinner we try to put on every year to say THANK YOU to all the core, leaders, volunteers and donors of our program.  It’s always a BLAST because everyone there is SO JOYFUL.

I just wanted all you teens to realize that there is a whole community of supporters who are with you on this journey.  You may only see a few of us on Core Team every week, but for everyone one Core Team Member, there are easily TEN other people who you don’t see who are supporting us and therefore SUPPORTING YOU!

Priests, Core Team, donors, prayer warriors, volunteers, Edge Leaders, and camp helpers are just a FEW of the people who are giving of themselves because they want to proudly proclaim,

“I think this teen should have a relationship with Christ and I am going to lay down my life to make that happen.”

It may not always be easy, but it is SO worth it!  YOU GUYS ARE WORTH IT!  CHRIST IS WORTH IT!  HEAVEN IS WORTH IT!



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