After All

After All. This is the new song by the David Crowder Band. If you have not listened to it , watch it below cuz it is AWESOME!

I’ve listened it over and over again since I first heard it and each time it reminds me of what an amazing God we have and that AFTER ALL it is He that is HOLY and in control.

I don’t know why I have to keep re-learning this lesson. Over and over in my life I try to hold onto and control things and after holding on to them and stressing out over them it never fails that in the end God always shows up and gently nudges me into the understanding that I do not need to hold onto and carry these burdens because AFTER ALL he is God and He’s in control and he has me exactly where I need to be. All I need to do is look around and feel the infinite Glory of God that surrounds me. The beauty of a sunset, the gentle breeze while walking on the beach, the majesty of the stars that fill the night, kind words from a friend, the blessing of family. The splendor of these things put me back into perspective and help me to realize that AFTER ALL God doesn’t want me to worry, he wants me to relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me especially His infinite and beautiful love.

So do yourself a favor; check out the song and enjoy His infinitely beautiful and perfect love.

Peace out,


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