Like a Mother Loves Her Child

As we all know camp was awesome! We got to not only have a week away with our friends but with God. What i have really enjoyed watching is all of you teens not only grow in spirit but grow together as a community. It is always a great feeling to come down that hill with a Jesus high and know that we are strong and know the love of God. It’s amazing to know that I have my brothers and sisters to lean on.

Like you, I am also on this Jesus high, but it is very different from the ones in the past. I have dedicated my time to you teens and I have really been asking mother Mary to give me her pure heart so that I could love you all as she loves you in the most holy and purest way. Last Sunday on the weekend we got back, I had made plans to hang out with my friends as I was gone all week with all of you on the retreat. As we made plans, it meant that I would have to leave Life Night early and I agreed. Thinking it was only fair to my friends since I had been gone and they had been bugging me all day to hang out. So as I got in my car ready to leave Life Night, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I started driving away and I realized that I was not excited to see my friends as much as I thought I would, and I had already started missing all of you. So as I got to Hollister I took a right, and as soon as I passed the church I caught tears running down my face. I have never felt so guilty and realized I needed to turn around. As soon as the next light came up, I turned around and this ache that my heart was feeling was gone. The feeling of returning to something you love so much; like a mother running back to her child. As soon as I got back I realized that Mother Mary was blessing me with the gift of love more and more each day. The love I have for you teens has grown. I consider you all my babies and promise to guide you, protect you, and love you as Mother Mary would.

Also recently I started my consecration to Mary and it has been the best most exciting decision I have ever made. Mother Mary has blessed me with so many of her graces, and I am so excited to receive many more blessings. I have always felt a connection with Mary, but not like this. I never understood how much she loves us and wants us to seek her. So I challenge you all to take a little time out of your day to recognize the love and passion she has for all of you and may her glory shine through you all. I love you all so very much.


She will hold you if you ask her to…


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