Bread of Life

In the seventh book of the Confessions of St. Augustine, Augustine tells us something that Jesus said to him that really made me think.

Jesus said, “I am the food of grown men. Grow and you shall feed upon me. Nor shall you change me, like the food of your flesh, into yourself. But you shall be changed into Me.”

I’m not going to write a whole long blog on this, because I think it’s important for you all to think about what this quote really means, but the next time you take part in the most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist I challenge you to truly think about what you are consuming. It isn’t just food that our bodies take in and digest and change into ourselves. It is the bread of everlasting life. It is the body and blood of our God and Savior. Every time you consume His body, pray that He changes you to be more and more like Himself.

I pray for you all every day. You are very very loved, and are BLESSED BY THE BEST!



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