Keep Focus on the Cross

So yesterday I went to 5:15 Mass at St. Mark’s. I was very drawn to the readings and the homily Fr. John Love gave. When the disciples see Jesus walking on water, Peter joins him yet gets frightened and starts to sink. As Father started explaining the story, he explains it to be a story not of Peter walking on water but the lack of faith that takes place in each one of our lives. I started to realize that sometimes I sink in my life when I see wind blowing my way and I lose focus on God.

Monday night while I was at work, I had a rough night. I had a tables who tested my patience and as soon as I lost it, I found myself frustrated and didn’t want to be nice to them anymore. As they kept complaining about everything and anything they could, I received a text from my best friend. I explained to her the anxiety and frustration I had about this table and her response was “Think of the Cross, baby girl. It is a test from God!! Love you.” At that moment, I realized I lose focus on God at times in my life and my best friend, who does not go to church but respects my beliefs and knows how big of an importance God is in my life, had more faith then I did in this little situation that I could have easily ignored and smiled through it. Then I started thinking about the importance she plays in my life always reminding me that God loves me. Every time we go out to eat and I pray or do the Sign of the Cross, she always asks me to pray for her as well or she won’t let me take a bit of my food until I do. God has put her in my life to remind me of the Cross and as her finger points to the Cross I need to remember to focus on God in the frustrated situations in my life and give them to God.

Giving God our situations is hard but we must be reminded that he is with us and he tests us, but be reminded he does not test us beyond what we can not get through. With God along our sides all things are possible. Surround yourself with great friends who influence you to turn to God, and to those who keep pointing to the Cross.

Love you all!


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