The Assumption of Mary

Today is the feast day of Mary’s Assumption into heaven. God had willed it from the beginning of time that the woman who would bring his Son into the world would be brought to heaven in both body and soul at the end of her pilgrimage on earth.

Ask yourself this question: What does this mean for me?

When it comes to the Christian life a lot of people talk about having faith and love, but sometimes we can forget the other important theological virtue- namely, hope! I say this because today is the perfect day to recapture our hope in the future resurrection. By future resurrection I don’t just mean your souls, but yes, your bodies!

At times we have doubts and experience a loss of faith in God. Moreover, in some instances we find it harder to love. This is all part of being in the state that we are in as humans. Sin makes it hard for us to trust God and love him.

Some might be experiencing this right now! That’s ok. Everyone has to experience doubts, fears, insecurities, and all kinds of struggles in order to grow. So don’t feel like you’re the odd one out.

Today is a day that you don’t want to miss. You might feel a loss of faith in God, but HOPE can help! How? Mary’s Assumption gives us hope that we too will one day be raised up BOTH body and soul!

Being united to Christ is our hope! As St. Paul said in his letter to the Catholic church in Rome, “If we have been united with him in his death, we will certainly be united with him in his resurrection” (Rom 6:5). In essence, Mary’s Assumption points toward her union with Christ and his resurrection into heaven. Because Christ has been raised from the dead we who are united to him hope to be raised up in a resurrection like his- that is, with both our souls and our bodies.

Mary, being the first and greatest Christian, was more united to Christ than anyone else. It’s his mother so duh! Therefore, Mary being assumed into heaven is like standing in that long Superman line at Magic Mountain. It takes forever but I know that as I watch the people in front of me get launched from 0 to 100mph in 7 seconds, I too will soon experience the same thing! So too, whatever happens to Mary will happen to me! She was assumed into heaven! Yes! That means all I have to do is stand in that same long line called life that she stood in and watch her get launched…. in hope!

– Chris

PS: Before the launch, the ride operator sometimes says, “You will escape Krypton in 3, 2, 1.” then launches out the station.  Maybe when I’m stressed I should say to myself, “You will embrace suffering in 3, 2, 1” and then launch the Rosary!


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