How would you feel leading 6 BILLION souls?

Random thought…

How much do you know about the Pope?  Do you guys realize how LEGIT of a Pope we have?  Did you guys know that he still travels all over the world, even though he is in his 80’s?  Did you know that he likes orange soda, so much so that when he first got to the Vatican (the place where the Pope lives), they called him “the Orange Pope”?  Did you know that when he was younger, he was FORCED into the Nazi army, but refused to fight and ESCAPED which meant he was risking death?  Did you guys know that he likes cats, can play piano crazy well and is UBER intelligent?  (People say that he has a mind like an encyclopedia.)

(I took this picture of the Pope back in 2007.  Not gonna like, I totally cried being that close to the Holy Father!)

More importantly have you ever prayed for the Pope?  Seriously, have you ever said one prayer asking God to help him in his ministry?  There are times where I (Laura) feel completely overwhelmed in taking care of you all.  Many of you have been asking how I feel about taking over for Claudia.  Even though it’s a HUGE blessing and the JOY of my life, it’s so… INTENSE.  I am in charge of caring for your SOULS, which is something that is much more important and difficult than caring for your bodies or your minds.

Guys, the Pope in in charge of a church that has over 1 BILLION people in it, but his repsonisibility is over the WHOLE WORLD and EVERY SOUL THEREIN.  He needs your prayers and support.  He needs you to help him with the Mission of JESUS CHRIST!  He’s not some random old German dude that just sits in his room writing.  He’s your spiritual Father, the head of the Church you profess and a man who loves you dearly.  He’s a man who has layed down his life so that 6 billion others souls may live.

So go ahead, be greatful for the awesome guy we call Pope Benedict the 16th.  It’s part of what makes being Catholic so awesome!


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