To my wonderful St. Raphael’s family,

I’m mainly writing this just to say hello, and I miss you dearly, and I pray for every single one of you every day. I’m having the time of my life out here in Steubenville, but I miss my St. Raph’s home. 

I do have a story for you though, that I am really eager to share with all of you. Last night, we had something that at Franciscan we call a FOP (Festival of Praise). Its just a night for the whole school to gather in praise and worship of our King. The band was amazing, and it was just so incredible to look around and see the hundreds of people praying with each other. Toward the end of the night, we began to sing a phrase of a song over and over. It said:

“Let it rain, Let it rain, Open the floodgates of Heaven, Let it rain”

After singing that again and again, the music began to fade and all of a sudden we could hear outside the rain POURING down. Let me tell you, I have never felt so much joy in one place ever in my life. After the FOP we all were running around in the rain, sliding down the hills into ponds, and soaking in the moment we knew we would never forget. 

The night got me thinking…

Our God is SO ALIVE!! He is with us, and he hears our prayers, and he answers them. Sometimes very literally! (I mean seriously, we were singing “Let it rain” and suddenly there was more rain than I have ever seen in my life.) He will NEVER abandon His children. 

Anyways, I’m sorry if that was all completely irrelevant. But I just want you to know of our Lord’s presence. He is not some distant Being that watches his creation live. He IS His creation. He lives in everything we see and do every single day. 

I love you guys so so so much! Stay strong in His love.

Pray for me! 




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