Chaplet of St. Michael


How many of you have heard of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy? Probably most of you right? Did you know that the Church has chaplets with devotions to all sorts of saints? Now that I am back in Santa Clara I have been helping again at Holy Family Life Teen, and we are exploring a different chaplet every week at Life Night. The one for the coming Sunday is pretty awesome (and not just because it is my patron saint haha).

According to the history of this chaplet, whoever devoutly says it will have an escort of 9 angels when they approach the altar to receive communion. How cool is that? Thanks to my overactive imagination I see it as 9 secret service agents in suits and glasses with wings and halos escorting us to receive Our Lord, but that’s just me.

Anyways I’m rambling a bit. I guess that’s what happens at midnight. But I will be trying to post each new chaplet that we do (or plan on doing) every week or so, so stay tuned. God bless you all!



You can find the Chaplet of St. Michael here.


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