What really goes on in the Seminary…

Before you all go thinking that all we do here at the seminary is so serious that we have no time for fun and games, I’ve been trying to think about how fun this place can actually be. Some of the guys here might think I’m crazy for trying to say how awesome it is here (it is school after all!), but I’ve got to say, if we let Jesus be the center of our lives here, even in our stress and studies, then we should be able to realize that living in the seminary is pretty darn enjoyable. So, without further ado, I present to you a list I’ve put together. This is just a little look into some of the things I most appreciate about being here and learning how to grow into a priest in a place like this. After all, shouldn’t Jesus Christ be a source of RADIANT JOY in our lives, especially if we’re trying to be as much like him as possible! I’ve entitled this list “You might be seminarian if…” because this is stuff we really do (well, at least some of us, ha!).

You might be seminarian if:

  • Your school bell is the church bell.
  • You don’t ask what day of the week it is, but which saint’s feast day it is.
  • Your classes lead you into prayer, and not just out of desperation for good grades.
  • You realize that the more you learn about the Trinity, the less you understand about the Trinity.
  • You are more afraid of exegesis than you are of exorcism.
  • You take celibacy really seriously.
  • You have a great sense of humor about celibacy.
  • You’re afraid of celibacy.
  • You’re not afraid of celibacy.
  • If at the dinner table you ask someone politely if you may sit at their right hand.
  • You accidentally genuflect as you enter a row of seats at a movie theater.
  • Your teachers are still allowed to begin class with a prayer.
  • You don’t take public speaking as a class, you take “homiletics.”
  • You think that the former Cardinal Archbishop’s painting’s eyes follow you as you enter your dorm hallways.
  • You give a high five to the painting of Blessed JPII waving in the same hallway every time you walk by it.
  • Your text books include the Bible, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Catechism, the Vatican II Documents, and your spiritual reading books.
  • Your weight training regimen includes lifting the new Roman Missal at Mass.
  • When the priest sings, “Let us pray…,” you have to fight the urge to sing back to him, “Okay…”
  • You don’t think of Holy Hour as an hour that you give to God, but as an hour you receive from God.
  • You let the Tabernacle light a spark that sets the rest of your day on fire.
  • You realize that you want to love as much as you want to be loved.

So please know that all your prayers you send our way are being multiplied by God and bringing real graces to our lives, even if we don’t see them all the time. Yes there are struggles and there are stresses, but there are real joys and lighthearted moments. So I hope whenever you find yourself overwhelmed by school or work or whatever, you can realize that you too have a whole host of people (and saints, too!) praying for you that you might flourish! We are praying for all of you too. We seminarians are so grateful for you teens and all of you that work with teens, because we don’t see you as just the future of the Church, but your prayers for us and our prayers for you mean that you are the Church, we are the Church, and there’s no reason we can’t have a little fun with the joy that brings into our lives.

–          Tim (ST)


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