Core Team

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                     John Vasellina, Youth Minister, Confirmation Coordinator

Maria Lopez, Associate Youth Minister

Under the guidance of youth ministers, the Core Team are a group of trained volunteers who serve the needs our various programs (High School, Young Apostles, College, Confirmation). Our Core Team members lead small groups, plan evenings for Life/Edge Nights, lead various retreats throughout the year, and above all, minister to the youth of our parish through relational (14)

Following the Life Teen model, our Core members live and serve by seven Core Values: Eucharistic spiritualityLoveJoyAffirmationAuthenticityEvangelization, and Faithfulness to Primary Vocation. In living these values, we hope to deepen our spiritual lives and relationship with Christ in preparation for heaven and for our ministry.


One thought on “Core Team

  1. Hello John and Laura,
    I just left a message on John’s number at St. Raphael’s, but thought I’d also try an email. Are you taking a group down to Dodger Stadium tomorrow for the GO2BAT4Life Event? If so, do you have room for one more (myself). I’d like to go, but not to drive down by myself, as it would be night driving home. Do you need any additional help (chaperone, costs to cover, etc) where I could be of some help and go with you? Let me know.
    Thanks, Gerry Nordsieck

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