Want to learn more about our Church? Struggling to live the faith in your every day life? Wondering what the Core team does with their free time? These questions and more might find their answers here. Here are some resources to help you stay connected to one another in our St. Raphael’s community and to our universal Catholic Church!

Life Teen: One of the best resources for high school teens! Learn about the faith, build your relationship with God, and discover ways to live the Catholic life! You can also buy some awesome books, music, Catholic apparel, and rosaries at the Life Teen store!

Catholic Answers: Why do we have a pope? What is Vatican II? What is it with Mary and the saints? Find the answers to these questions and more at Catholic Answers! Whether you have specific questions or just feel like browsing, I guarantee that you’ll learn something new about our faith!

Sunday Sunday Sunday: If you’ve ever been to Mass on Sunday and had no idea what the readings were about or the priest’s homily did not help you to jump into the Gospel, you should check out this podcast created by Life Teen. Mark Hart, aka: The Bible Geek, walks you through all of the readings for Sunday and gives great explanations on what they mean and how they apply to our lives!

Word On Fire: Word on Fire is an amazing resource that brings the light of God’s truth to our world. A walking saint, Bishop-Elect Barron shares on topics of scripture, theology, music, art, and many other areas of culture. So if you’re interested in seeking Christ in all things, including areas of culture that seem so far removed from faith, check out the awesome videos and articles from WOF!

EWTN: If you love watching TV, add a new channel to your list of favorites! The Eternal Word Television Network was started by one trusting and faithful cloistered nun who knew nothing about technology or communication. This website will give you the program listings of some amazing and inspiring shows that you can watch on your TV!

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